A small, veteran owned company
Who We Are:  The APG Training Division (TD) was formed in October 2001 by a group of experienced logisticians, all of whom have more than 20 years of logistics management experience within the military and government. We believe that any employee that uses the latest automated tools available will be more productive, provide better service, and be afforded more opportunities for advancement. We also believe that any manager that supports their employees by providing the best training will have smarter employees and better visibility of their supply chain.

What We Do: The APG-TD provides leading-edge, real-time training for military and government entities. Training sessions concentrate on the four primary parts (technical screening, asset visibility, requisitioning and tracking status) of Supply Chain Management within the government. We tailor each session to specific needs of the attendees. We provide training at all bases around the world, and can deploy with units as needed.

APG-TD Products: The APG-TD created the Logistics Toolbox ( logtool.net ) and training products such as Course Curriculums, User Guides, Quick Reference Guides (QuikRefs©), and Logistics Excel (LogExcel©). Each of our products simplifies an otherwise complicated subject.

APG-TD Training: During training sessions, we review the definitions of the four parts of supply chain management, then provide product and system solutions. We also provide many different methods where the student can capture and manage logistics information, project future savings and reduce the requisition-to-receipt time, thereby increasing operational readiness.  We provide professional training while also maintaining detail-orientated, yet an informal classroom environment. Students are introduced to systems or products at a comfortable pace and are encouraged to participate throughout the training to related their experiences to the systems or product solutions. During training sessions, attendees are provided with hands-on exercises which assist in solving problems.

Logistics Toolbox is an outstanding logistics resource locator with links to hundreds of Department of Defense, government and commercial web sites that facilitate the customer's logistics needs. From LogTool, users can click on tabs to Identify Items (technical screening), Check Assets (stock check), Order Material/Services (requisitioning) and Track Status (check status). Through this total asset visibility (TAV) portal, logisticians can access many of DLA's resources. This site also identifies other government and commercial sites providing information that may affect the logistics community's ability to support customers, such as geography, weather, medical and political resources. Also available at this site are newsletters, training and briefings. Today, many logistics systems within Department of Defense (DoD) have unique names and, unless you know where to find the information, it may be difficult to determine the type of data the systems provide until you understand some basics. Having a general understanding of the supply system and the way each of the Services perform logistics, LogTool is the best place to find the right site.

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